Python Jumpstart Kickstarter

My plan to learn Python was temporarily derailed by buying a new house, selling the old one, and moving. Fear not, we’re moved in, broadband was finally installed two days ago, and I’ll be back on plan next week. In my quest to learn Python, I came across the Talk Python to Me podcast . I’ve listened to a handful of episodes and enjoyed them, even if most of them are over my head at this point.

Linux Void Podcast

Foresight gets a nice review on the latest Linux Void Podcast (about 10 minutes in.) They touch on installing Foresight, the GNOME desktop, the User Guide, and Conary and it’s package management. Towards the end of the review: _ “People who want to start using Linux, and may not want to use Ubuntu, should check out Foresight”._ Overall, a good review.