Having just passed the six month anniversary of The CircuitPython Show, I’ve decided to start a new podcast!

Introducing The Bootloader.

I’m teaming up with Tod Kurt and together we’re going to bring you a few interesting things we found around the web. We’ll each share up to three things, each one for a few minutes, but no more than five. That should keep the show right around a half hour, which is optimal.

The three things can be almost anything. It could be a news item, we could share a project we came across or following, we might highlight a maker and their work, or we could talk about a product we love (or hate). It could be news, it could be something older that’s new to us. Hopefully you’ll find it interesting, too.

You can subscribe to the podcast on all major platforms or via RSS (we’ll be on Google Podcasts soon, but just add the RSS to your podcast app), follow us on Twitter, watch us on Youtube, or visit our website.

Give us a listen and watch the trailer here!