My plan to learn Python was temporarily derailed by buying a new house, selling the old one, and moving.  Fear not, we’re moved in, broadband was finally installed two days ago, and I’ll be back on plan next week.

In my quest to learn Python, I came across the Talk Python to Me podcast.  I’ve listened to a handful of episodes and enjoyed them, even if most of them are over my head at this point.

Michael Kennedy, the host of the show, launched a Kickstarter this week:  Python Jumpstart by building 10 apps.  This looks absolutely perfect for me as I’ve started learning Python from a couple of online courses and books and struggled in linear learning without context.  From the Kickstarter page:

Most courses focus on teaching you hundreds of details and leave putting them together as an exercise for the student. My course is different.

You will learn all the basics, yes. But you will learn them while building 10 stand alone applications. You will see each application built from the ground up in live demos. When we hit new topics (functions for example), we will pause, discuss them, and return to our application we are building.

This sounds like it may fix or address where I’ve struggled in trying to learn from books.  While the Kickstarter does say it is for people who have some programming / scripting experience, I’m hoping by the time the course if available I’ll have a basic enough understanding of Python that this will jumpstart my Python knowledge.  (Pun intended).

I’m happy to see that after just a few days, its reached a couple of stretch goals.  I’ve pledged at the Early Access Student access.  Check it out!