I’m about ten days away from the first episode of The CircuitPython Show dropping. Saying I’m a nervous wreck right now might be an understatement.

Five of the six episodes have been recorded and sent off to the sound engineering to make them sound good. (I’m using the same sound engineer as Talk Python to Me, how about that for a referral?!). I’ve received one of the episodes back and it sounds good. I shared it with my best friend, who agreed, and he’s not even in to CircuitPython and microcontrollers. Paying for sound production is worth it to level the audio and remove all those “Umms” and pauses is worth every penny.

I’ll be posting each episode on YouTube and I’m doing the editing for that. In other words, it will be a much more of a rough cut on YouTube and I recommend listening to the show as a podcast.

I’ve already learned a lot in just a few episodes. This TedX talk sums it well: “Shut up and get out of the way”. I just need to let the guests talk and I need to remove the extra words. The other big thing I need to work on is the ending, it’s… a little abrupt, let’s just say.

I would say every episode has gone really well. The guests have been engaging and the conversation has just flowed.

The website is pretty much done. I can edit the episode details, show notes, and transcripts and store them all in a database. I can edit them, but still having some issues with how it updates the edits. I’ve built the site using FastAPI and the Talk Python training course. I went to Talk Python’s office hours last week, which helped me a ton, and I may need to visit one more time to get this last thing done.

There’s no hurry to getting some of the features up as it’s all behind the scenes stuff, but it would be nice to cross that off the list.

The only other big chunks of work are going through each episode to create the show notes and check the transcripts and also to create and edit the videos for each episode to put up on YouTube. And no, I’m still not used to the sound of my own voice.

What, you haven’t subscribed to the show yet in your favorite podcast app? Just add [https://feeds.captivate.fm/circuitpythonshow/](this RSS feed to your app) and you’ll be ready when the first episode drops in just over a week..