Paul is a married father of three, living in the suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota. When he’s not attending his kids sports activities or introducing them to classic 80s movies, you can find him listening to records from his vinyl collection, tinkering with Python or CircuitPython, playing with his dog, or watching a movie. He is also the host of The CircuitPython Show, an independent podcast where Paul interviews people doing cool things with CircuitPython or in the maker community.

Paul believes strongly in the power of open source, both software and hardware. Paul has contributed to a number of open source projects, most notably in the past with GNOME. He contributed to GNOME’s marketing and system administration teams; was the managing editor of GNOME Journal, a quarterly magazine about GNOME; wrote documentation for a number of applications including Banshee, Tomboy, and Recipes; served as a mentor for Outreachy, for those under represented in tech; and served one term on the GNOME Board of Directors as President and Chairman. Paul continues to contribute by writing documentation for a handful of open source projects. He is also a member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Python Software Foundation.

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