I’ve been hip deep in podcast related stuff for the last two months, but with the first two episodes out I can come up for air.

I don’t know what good looks like yet, but I’m happy with the reception the show has received. The YouTube comments have been nice (what?!) and I’ve received some compliments here and there.

I did build a complete website for FastAPI in that time. It was useful to go through the Talk Python training again and it helped me gain a (slightly) better grasp of asyncio. All the code to manage the episodes (add, edit, and view) is my code. I still need to get a better handle on SQLAlchemy and how and what type the results are returned as, but it’s working. I’m sure I missed some type hints, too, and I’m really enjoying working with those, though I need some better discipline.

All season one episodes are now recorded and edited and will be released over the next four weeks. Season 2 is in the planning stage and I’ve invited all the guests, and we’ll start recording in just a couple of weeks. I’m enjoying meeting folks from the community, it definitely gets me out of comfort zone and I’m learning a ton.

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