Today marks six months since the first episode of The CircuitPython Show dropped.

(Of course I haven’t blogged much about the show since then…)

I’m not even sure where to start. I think the show has found its groove now. From the feedback I’ve received, people seem to like the shorter interview format rather than the longer interviews the first few episodes featured.

It’s been pretty cool having the opportunity to meet and chat with community members on the show. I hope that comes through in the episodes as the big goal for the show is to highlight those in the community and get to know them in a different way than just their CircuitPython contributions.

In other news, I switched podcast hosts last week and went all in on Zencastr, which I already used for recording. This coming Monday’s episode will be the first episode distributed by them, so cross your fingers.

Thank you to everyone who has listened, told a friend, or guested on the show. I especially appreciate the comments and feedback about the show, keep ‘em coming! And don’t forget to subscribe in your favorite podcast app…