MLBPool was originally created by Jason Theros as a web application in MLBPool came to an end in 2011 and in 2013, a small group of friends resurrected it as MLBPool2. (Original, huh?) Unfortunately, we weren’t as smart as Mr. Theros, who had created a website written in ASP which auto-updated the standings and the code was no longer available. This meant we had to do it by hand and published the results in a Google Doc.

In 2015, the same group of friends decided to re-create the league, but for football. Like MLBPool2, the first two years of NFLPool featured all of the updates done by hand. In early 2016, looking for a hobby, I decided to learn Python to automate the scoring process and to keep historical records. The NFLPool application launched in 2017 and MLBPool2 followed a year later. MLBPool2 ran for two years over the 2018 and 2019 seasons before ending again. The code is open source (MIT license) and archived on Github.

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