Studying vs. Learning

I came across a thread on /r/LearnPython a few weeks ago that summed up my experience with Python. The thread was the typical “I’m learning Python, but I feel stuck and I’m not learning”. Someone replied with encouragement, and pointed out that studying Python is very different than learning Python and how it works. I can relate. It’s been just over a year since I started down this path and almost two years (where does the time go!

NFLPool Progress: 8/1/2017

I took the week off from work to see how much progress I could make on NFLPool this week (and to get some stuff done around the house, but really, for NFLPool). I told myself I’d blog my progress every day and here it is Wednesday already. In my last blog post, I noted how I was going to have to move back to SQLite for the database. Over the weekend I ripped out most of the MongoDB code and started laying the groundwork for SQLite.

Back to SQLite for NFLPool

I’ve had to throw in the towel on MongoDB and move back to SQLite for the datastore. For now. I was successful in being able to call an API, take the JSON object from the API, and store that JSON in MongoDB as a collection. But I what really wanted was to store that JSON object as an EmbeddedDocument within a collection. My original goal was to stick JSON objects into MongoDB and then query against that.

NFLPool Prototyping with MongoDB

Yesterday was a good day. With the static pages for complete, I started thinking about the dynamic pages. These are going to require access to the database and I’ll be using MongoDB. I had started the MongoDB course from Talk Python, but put that aside to go back to the Python for Entrepreneurs course to get the site up using Pyramid. I took a step back and did some brainstorming about the data model I’ll need for the database.

Python for Entrepeneurs Progress

I sat down excited at dinner last night excited to share with my wife the two things I learned in my Talk Python course yesterday. The first was learning the basics of CSS, something I’ve avoided for years. I’m not going to even pretend I understand CSS, but it’s a base knowledge to work with and there is still a whole chapter of applied front-end frameworks, so I’m sure there will be more on CSS.

Stay on Target (or why my Python app still isn’t built)

One of the things I’m not doing well is focusing on one task at a time. As I continue to learn Python, every time I across a way to do something, I want to implement it right away without thinking ahead of how all the different things work together. Then I’ll get stuck, and frustrated, and my pace slows. I need to find a task, stay on target, and just finish it, rather than jumping from feature to feature.

MongoDB for Python for Developers

I’m taking the latest training course that just launched a couple of weeks ago from Michael Kennedy at Talk Python: MongoDB for Python for Developers. This is my first exposure to NoSQL. Over the last year, I’ve searched Google a few different times trying to understand what NoSQL without any success – it always went over my head. Within ten minutes of starting this course, I think I might understand what a document database is.

NFLPool 0.1 milestone completed

I followed through on my last blog post and made a lot of progress over the weekend – the best way to learn is by doing. I’ve updated my roadmap for nflpool and broke the development of the nflpool app into chunks: 0.1: Database creation complete – write the Python code and SQL statements to create all the needed database tables using sqlite3. This includes using the requests module to import all players in the NFL into the database from MySportsFeeds.

Writing Python to Learn

I’ve spent a lot of time on my Python journey watching videos, reading a lot of articles, reading Reddit and listening to podcasts trying to learn from osmosis. But everyone says the best way to learn is to have something you want to build and get to writing it. I took a week of vacation in mid-February with a goal of buckling down and writing some code. That didn’t happen. I spent half a day getting my environment set up in Fedora; a half day researching Postgresql vs.

Talk Python Training: Consuming HTTP Services in Python Review

Summary / tl;dr: Consuming HTTP Services in Python is a great addition to the training courses from Talk Python and Michael Kennedy. You’ll come away with a thorough knowledge of the best way to get data from the internet using the requests module; you’ll use real world examples and APIs from Basecamp, Github and a custom API Michael built just from the course; Michael will explain and show the concepts in an easy to learn manner with a little humor and recap each concept to make sure you understand.