Pyramid, my favorite Python web framework, was released version 2.0 late Sunday. The biggest change is dropping legacy Python support. I’ve been running the beta version of 2.0 the last couple of months while developing Silver Saucer.

The Pyramid 2.0 release helped me change gears from my hardware project back to Silver Saucer. Under the mantra of “release early, release often” I decided to start prepping to deploy Silver Saucer. I knew I had a few things to work on still, especially the big “On This Day” feature I haven’t started.

Of course I didn’t save any notes from when I last deployed a Pyramid web app. I started to make a list of things I needed to do on my DigitalOcean droplet and realized that Silver Saucer’s IP on my server wasn’t set up correctly which was why I kept getting an SSL error. That was an easy fix when I remember Dependabot was still broken on Github.

I had tried adding a pre-commit hook to use the black linter to my Github repository. It required me to create a pyproject.toml file. But doing this caused Github’s Dependabot to think I was using Poetry to manage my Python modules, when I’m not. I didn’t have any luck on the Github forums, so I just removed the file from now. Dependabot started working again right away - spewing out over two dozen pull requests to go through. It took Azure Pipelines a little while to catch up in testing out all the builds with the PRs, but only one or two failed and I still have one more PR to test and / or fix.

With that done, I thought I’d fix just one or two little things. This led me down a path of refactoring the theme, especially how the header works. I had the header image included in every page, and I was able to put it in just the layout template.

I also have a weird CSS bug with the viewport where it’s not filling the website screen 100% vertically. I spent hours on that but my CSS skills aren’t there yet, especially when using a complex CSS theme created by someone else.

I’m going to push Silver Saucer live in the next few days. The irony of creating a random Discogs player when I just started listening to my entire collection alphabetically is not lost on me. Release early, release often!