Following up on my last blog post, I did deploy Silver Saucer a couple days later. I spent a day trying to track down why MLBPool2 kept loading when I visited and it turns out that the nginx web server defaults to the application with the lowest port number. I had made a mistake in the nginx configuration in one little place that took me forever to figure out. And with that, Silver Saucer is live on the web.

It still has a nasty viewport problem and the screen height is not 100% and it’s driving me crazy. Maybe if I had finished my Coursera class on HTML, CSS and Javascript I would have figured it out…

A bad habit that I have is when I get stuck, I move on to a different project. I’m hoping that my subconscious will fix it, but it’s more out of frustration. So what did I do? I bought more training courses from Talk Python and decided to learn the FastAPI web framework instead. I was surprised to see such a new project in third place in the recent PSF survey, especially as it was the first time being included as a framework.

I decided to build my site along with the training, rather than the PyPI clone the training has you do. After sorting through a couple of different bugs, guess what? I still need to learn CSS.

I’ve switched courses, moving from Coursera to Pluralsight, and am taking a new class to learn HTML & CSS. I’ll get there one of these days.