Photo: “Untitled” by Rach

We are just two weeks away from the Boston Summit which is also the site of the upcoming Snowy Hackfest. We’re cooking up all kinds of plans for the hackfest. Our goals include:

  • An HTML5 mobile client
  • Integrating note editing into Snowy so you can edit your notes in a web browser
  • Focus on the user interface

In other news, Snowy 0.5, “Cavalier King Charles Spaniel”, was released on Monday to coincide with the GNOME 2.91.1 release and Tomboy Online was updated to Snowy 0.5. There is a method to the madness in Sandy’s choice of release names – I have a GNOME sticker (or stickers) as a prize to the first person who can tell me. (Contest not open to Snowy developers. Must be a resident of Planet Earth. Other rules and restrictions may apply but probably not. I’ll pay postage.) Version 0.5 was a minor bugfix release – expect lots of big changes after the hackfest. (Note I just say after – can’t hold me to a date!)

We received some new UI mockups – check them out on the wiki! Here’s one:

Tomboy Online mockup

The second wave of alpha invites went out on Monday. If you’re on the list, you just got a bit closer to getting our invite! Thanks to our alpha testers, we’re getting some great feedback via email and Bugzilla. Keep it coming!

Lastly, I was added as an administrator to help with new account activation. Commence evil genius laugh.

About Snowy: _Snowy is a web-based viewer for your Tomboy notes. It’s written in Python using the Django web framework, and is licensed under the AGPL.

Tomboy Online is a deployment of the Snowy software on GNOME servers, intended to provide free note sync and online note access to all Tomboy users.

Please check out our website here: