Boston Summit

GNOME Boston Summit 2010 kicks off

The GNOME Boston Summit 2010 kicked off a couple hours ago. Dozens of GNOME hackers are at the Tang Center at MIT. John (J5) Palmieri and Jon McCann helped kick off the Summit. J5 gave an overview of what the Boston Summit is. It’s different from GUADEC which is many presentations and more formal talks. The Boston Summit is much more informal and run Barcamp style. It gives hackers a chance to hack together and get stuff done.

Taking Snowy for a Walk #4 – Meet the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Photo: “Untitled” by Rach We are just two weeks away from the Boston Summit which is also the site of the upcoming Snowy Hackfest . We’re cooking up all kinds of plans for the hackfest. Our goals include: An HTML5 mobile client Integrating note editing into Snowy so you can edit your notes in a web browser Focus on the user interface In other news, Snowy 0.

Boston Summit

I’m coming to the Boston Summit for the first time. My primary purpose is to attend the Snowy Hackfest but I’m looking forward to to seeing the GNOME community, talking to Jason Clinton about GNOME 3.0 videos for GNOME 3.0 marketing and seeing my fellow board members. Are you coming? Take a look at the GNOME Foundation blog for more . See you in two weeks!