Taking Snowy for a Walk #4 – Meet the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Photo: “Untitled” by Rach We are just two weeks away from the Boston Summit which is also the site of the upcoming Snowy Hackfest . We’re cooking up all kinds of plans for the hackfest. Our goals include: An HTML5 mobile client Integrating note editing into Snowy so you can edit your notes in a web browser Focus on the user interface In other news, Snowy 0.

Taking Snowy for a Walk – Issue 3: What users want

We launched the sign-ups for the upcoming Tomboy Online alpha last week. As part of the sign-up process we included a brief survey asking what features those signing up were interested in and to rate them on a scale of 1 – 5, which 5 being very interested. We asked them to rate the following features: Free note synchronization for Tomboy Sharing my notes so other users can read them Editing my notes from my desktop web browser Native Android app (Tomdroid) Native iOS app HTML5 offline client (for all mobile desktop browsers) Editing my notes from my mobile device (browser, native app, whatever) Here are the results:

Taking Snowy for a Walk – Issue 2: Alpha dog

(Licensed under a CC-BY 2.0 licensed by tanakawho ) Things have been relatively quiet since my last update about Snowy a couple of weeks ago. What’s been going on behind the scenes: Sandy triaged and assigned milestones to lots of features requests in Snowy bugzilla . Jeff hacked on Snowy to allow users to add a second OpenID provider to an existing account. Unfortunately it will have to be refactored as it works great for new users signing up but not for existing users as the form enforces that the users are unique.

Privacy Policies

Dear Lazyweb, I’m working on the privacy policy for Tomboy Online and I’m looking for examples of good privacy polices. Users will have the ability keep their notes private or share them with other users and as the GNOME Snowy server will be hosting all of the data we will want to have a privacy policy in place. If you know of a website or web service with a good privacy please comment or drop me an email.

Taking Snowy for a Walk – Issue #1

“I steal from every movie ever made.” – Quentin Tarantino Like Quentin, I’m stealing from Frederic Peters’ recent “Shell Yes!” blog post and am going to try and bring you, our loyal reader, semi-regular updates on what’s going on in the world of Snowy development as we work towards launching Tomboy Online. Jeff Schroeder patched Snowy this week using, as he puts it, “Shiney django admin stuff” to not allow users who are not in the upcoming alpha and beta to sync their notes.

Wanted: Rocking Web Design

The Tomboy Online / Snowy team needs your help! We have an alpha instance of Tomboy Online up and running thanks to the wonderful GNOME Sysadmin team and we even have some new contributors helping with Snowy’s code (hi Jeff!). But we need help! We need help with the web design for Tomboy Online and we’ll need help implementing it. First, the design. Here’s what we have today: (Click through to see a larger screenshot).

GNOME Odds & Ends

A few different things going on: Tomboy documentation is almost done in Mallard. I’ve really enjoyed using the Mallard syntax – so much less complex than Docbook. Every time I have to look up an element reference, I shake my head and think, “Duh! That makes so much more sense I should have figured that out!“. Nice work Shaun. I triaged some docs bugs in GNOME Bugzilla.

Meet Snowy, Tomboy's best friend

Tomboy was one of the first GNOME products I contributed code (documentation) to. It also is one of my all time favorite apps and one I can’t do without on a day to day basis. Whether it’s jotting down ideas I don’t want to forget, to-do lists, or organizing the release plan for the next GNOME Journal, I always have a bunch of notes open. A few weeks ago, I finally got around to trying to sync my notes via sshfs on my desktop and laptop.