Some Children's Parents

Alex just finished his Little League season. There was one particular mother who rode her son to no end. About halfway through the season, he snapped, and told her off publically during the middle of the game. She rode him about where he stood at the plate, his constant strikeouts (poor kid was stressed by her, there wasn’t any pressure there, really), and his fielding. During one game, after striking out for the second time, she pulled him off the bench and told him she was going to teach him how to bunt since he couldn’t get a hit, and practiced that until the inning ended and they had to take the field.

Now, I’m no perfect parent either – there is no question I could be more active, and practice with my son more, or offer better encouragement.

But then I read this story about a Coach who paid one of his players $25 to hit a disabled child in the head with a bat . This coach had two daughters on his T-ball team, and didn’t want to coach an 8 year old disabled child. ( Via Bob Mould’s blog )

These poor children.

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