The Kids

Congratulations Alex

I haven’t blogged in almost a year, so here’s a picture of Alex with Jack and Zoe. Alex graduated from boot camp in the United States Navy last week and is embarking on his new career as a nuclear engineer.

Pathfinder MMO on Kickstarter

Photo by fireflythegreat under a CC-BY 2.0 license Just before Christmas, I visited my local gaming store with the intent of buying the Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set to play with the kids over the holiday break. It was time to step up from RPGKids, which I started with the kids a year or two ago. I’m a terrible Dungeon Master and lack creativity, so one of the things I was excited about in buying a set was that I’d be able to buy modules to help create the adventures for the kids.


I was traveling in Los Angeles when Kelly got a bit of a scare last week. Jack was running around upstairs, ran into the bathroom, and he slid on the linoleum right into the shower door. With a cut on his head bleeding profusely, I think Zoe was more scared than Jack was. (Zoe seems to have rolled a high D20 for empathy when she was born). Kelly rushed them to the emergency room, where they numbed Jack and gave him 6 stitches.

My son Alex has a blog . And like his father, his alias (Nadrin) was randomly generated by a game. My wife registered the domain and added it to my hosting account, and I installed WordPress for him this weekend, and he picked out the theme. Good to know geekery runs in the family! Here he is at his desk, his monitor is just out of sight on the left.

Happy Earth Day

P4220002, originally uploaded by silwenae. Happy Earth Day!

More blogging

Turns out my wife has a blog . Who knew? She rarely posts, but her post today on Jack’s birth is fairly accurate. Of course she didn’t tell me some of that until a day or two later. Well, probably for the best that way.

More Jack

I uploaded some more pictures to Flickr I took with the kids when we went back to visit last night: Jack’s Birth Part 2

John Samuel

DSC00383, originally uploaded by silwenae. Jack was born this morning at 7:25 a.m. Jack weighed 9 pounds, 7 oz, and is 20.25 inches long. More pictures here:

Happy Halloween!

DSC00287, originally uploaded by silwenae. Zoe really liked her costume, she went as a mouse this year. She and Alex, who went as a vampire, made sure to get lots of candy:

Toyota Sienna

DSC00191, originally uploaded by silwenae. I officially feel old – we bought a 2005 Toyota Sienna minivan Saturday. With the baby on the way, that will make 3, and 3 kids do not sit comfortably in a row in the back of my 2000 Ford Explorer, which we traded in. We bought the XLE Sienna, which has a bunch of features, including heated leather seats, JBL sound system, power everything, and worst of all, some minor woodgrain in the center panel and on the inside front doors.