Congratulations Alex

I haven’t blogged in almost a year, so here’s a picture of Alex with Jack and Zoe. Alex graduated from boot camp in the United States Navy last week and is embarking on his new career as a nuclear engineer.

My son Alex has a blog . And like his father, his alias (Nadrin) was randomly generated by a game. My wife registered the domain and added it to my hosting account, and I installed WordPress for him this weekend, and he picked out the theme. Good to know geekery runs in the family! Here he is at his desk, his monitor is just out of sight on the left.

More Jack

I uploaded some more pictures to Flickr I took with the kids when we went back to visit last night: Jack’s Birth Part 2

Happy Halloween!

DSC00287, originally uploaded by silwenae. Zoe really liked her costume, she went as a mouse this year. She and Alex, who went as a vampire, made sure to get lots of candy:

Some Children's Parents

Alex just finished his Little League season. There was one particular mother who rode her son to no end. About halfway through the season, he snapped, and told her off publically during the middle of the game. She rode him about where he stood at the plate, his constant strikeouts (poor kid was stressed by her, there wasn’t any pressure there, really), and his fielding. During one game, after striking out for the second time, she pulled him off the bench and told him she was going to teach him how to bunt since he couldn’t get a hit, and practiced that until the inning ended and they had to take the field.

Updated Photos

I’ve grouped the last batch of photo’s updated to Flickr for easier viewing: Alex Baseball 05 Memorial Day ’05 The Memorial Day set has a bunch of pictures of Alex driving the tractor, and Zoe gardening.

What a difference a year makes

dsc00063, originally uploaded by silwenae. This is Alex’s 3rd year in organized baseball. Last year was the coaches pitching with a manual machine, this year is the first with kids pitching. It’s amazing the difference a year makes. Last year in 7-8 year old, most of the kids had a hard time paying attention, hitting, throwing. This year, even Alex, who I don’t practice with enough, has shown tremendous improvement in the skills department.

Zoe Dances on the Deck

100_0294, originally uploaded by silwenae. Zoe has a new thing where she likes to go out on the deck and dance – she likes the sound her feet make on the wood. Beautiful weather yesterday, so we fired off some shots of Zoe dancing on the deck. I’ve got them on my Flickr site . You can see the whole Zoe set here . I also finally put up a few of Alex from his school’s Fiesta Night in Feb.

Daylight Savings Time

Babies don’t care about daylight savings time. Even when you keep them up late, they just want to get up the same time they always do. Of course, it might not be a baby thing, and maybe be a kid thing, as Alex was up at 6:30. That might have been just the noise from Zoe though.