KVM & Virtual Machine Manager in Foresight

Foresight has long been a proponent of KVM over other virtualization technologies such as Xen or Virtualbox. If you, like me, aren’t a guru on the command line and prefer using a GUI, Virtual Machine Manager is available in the Foresight repositories. If you’ve used Virtualbox or VMWare, you’ll find virtual-manager very familiar. The only downside (for some), is that you will need a modern processor that supports Intel VT or AMD-V.

Microblogging on Foresight

I’m a big fan of microblogging, using both Twitter and . Microblogging, if you don’t know, is sending a short message that is 140 characters or less – so you have to be short and sweet in your message. (Did I mention it’s been 2 years since I started using Twitter? Where does the time go!?) My favorite microblogging client for the Linux desktop is Gwibber . Unfortunately there is a nasty bug with WebKit and Gwibber that has caused Gwibber to stop working.

Foresight Website

It’s been just over a year since we rolled out the new Foresight website, which is written in HTML. After some on and off debate, we’ve made the decision to switch to a CMS (which makes it much easier to get volunteers involved), and as of last night we’ve picked Joomla over Drupal. We’ve set up our appliance on rBuilder, and we’re looking for help in building and maintaining the appliance, and even more important in designing a Joomla template for the look and feel of the new Foresightlinux.

Where'd whooo go?

In the immortal words of Goose from Top Gun : “Where’d whooooo go?” I took the last 6 weeks to disappear as I started a new job, working in my home office. I owe the Foresight community an apology, as I should have given some warning. (Though I did let Ken and Antonio know). What started as a one week sabbatical from the internet between jobs stretched out, as I was traveling 3 of the 4 first four weeks of the new job, and working in a home office requires a high level of focus.

Foresight Packages

We are getting ready to release Foresight GNOME edition in the next week, once GNOME 2.24 is out. Foresight is a rolling release distro – our packages are almost always up to date, and we keep them up to date, unlike most distributions that have 2 big releases a year, which is when they update packages. Being a rolling release, this means that a Foresight “release” is just a snapshot in time of what is available in the repository.

Foresight Bug Week

Foresight Bug Week kicked off Sunday, and we’re off to a good start. As I mentioned in my last bug week post , Foresight has just under 600 issues open in some status or another. (Issues can be improvements, tasks, bugs or package requests). In the first two days: 15% of all open issues have been touched (about 90) 34, or just over 33% of those touched, were marked as resolved or fixed 56 were triaged and assigned Out of the 56 that were triaged, the majority of them were package requests that moved from fl:2-devel to fl:2-qa for testing.

Writing Foresight Docs: Part 6

It’s been over a year (a year!) since my last post about writing documentation for Foresight. In that time, we’ve shipped Foresight 2.0, and the Getting Started with Foresight User Guide has frequently been met with great feedback when Foresight is reviewed. I’ve kept up with a few minor updates and edits to keep it fresh, but now it’s time to start planning some major updates. In no particular, I want to focus on:

Linux Void Podcast

Foresight gets a nice review on the latest Linux Void Podcast (about 10 minutes in.) They touch on installing Foresight, the GNOME desktop, the User Guide, and Conary and it’s package management. Towards the end of the review: _ “People who want to start using Linux, and may not want to use Ubuntu, should check out Foresight”._ Overall, a good review.

Foresight Week In Review

What a week last week turned out to be for Foresight! In no particular order: The first newletter in months came out, and we enter year two of the newsletter. Hopefully I’m back in the swing of things and will get that released on time every month. Foresight 2.0.4 was released . And not just any release, a single CD install disc (the Foresight GNOME Lite Edition ) is now available!

Foresight Newsletter Volume 2, Issue 1 out

After months of slacking on my part, I am proud to announce a new issue of the Foresight Newsletter is out. Now in to it’s second year, this issue gives an overview on the latest releases, including both 2.0.4 and 2.0, community news, a look back at the first Foresight User & Developer Conference, upcoming conferences, and other information. (Considering everything that’s happened, it could have been stuffed with news, but I really needed to push out a release and give myself a kick start).