In the immortal words of Goose from Top Gun: “Where’d whooooo go?”

I took the last 6 weeks to disappear as I started a new job, working in my home office. I owe the Foresight community an apology, as I should have given some warning. (Though I did let Ken and Antonio know).

What started as a one week sabbatical from the internet between jobs stretched out, as I was traveling 3 of the 4 first four weeks of the new job, and working in a home office requires a high level of focus. Add to that meeting new people, figuring out what you’re doing and who does what, I needed to step back for a bit from Foresight. I shut down IRC and IM so I could minimize distractions while working at home. It seems to have helped – I think I’ve found a rhythm and schedule that’s working.

I’ve been popping back in to IRC this week, and browsing through the commits and JIRA issues trying to get back up to speed. It’s amazing how much is going on in just the short period I was away.

Again, I apologize for not having been around, but the good news is I’m working my way back, and looking forward to helping take Foresight to the next level.