It’s been over a year (a year!) since my last post about writing documentation for Foresight. In that time, we’ve shipped Foresight 2.0, and the Getting Started with Foresight User Guide has frequently been met with great feedback when Foresight is reviewed.

I’ve kept up with a few minor updates and edits to keep it fresh, but now it’s time to start planning some major updates. In no particular, I want to focus on:

  • Banshee re-write. Now that Banshee is at 1.2, the screenshots need to be updated to it’s new look, and an overview of it’s new features, including video, podcasts, integration and internet radio.
  • Installing Foresight. Jayson was kind enough to attach some documentation and screenshots, but I didn’t find the time to incorporate them. (Hint, hint Jayson)
  • Add a section on Liferea. Write a section on Foresight’s default feedreader. Robin Groves has posted a first draft on the wiki that I need to review and edit.
  • Using GNOME-DO. As the first distribution to ship GNOME-DO, it’s a very powerful application, and new users probably need some help getting to know it.
  • Expand the section on using PackageKit. Some of the icons need to be updated as well.

But more importantly, what do you think is missing from the User Guide? What does a new user need to know? I’d love to get some feedback. Foresight’s User Guide is located in Foresight’s Mercurial repository. I’m also open to any help anyone wants to contribute! If you need help in checking it out or submitting a patch, please let me know.