Just like that, I crossed the finish line and SilverSaucer.com is finished. I wasn’t planning on finishing it so quick after my blog post, but on Friday it just clicked and the “On this day” feature was completed in just a few hours.

I always thought the “On this Day” feature was a pipe dream. I had no idea how I was going to tie a Discogs release to MusicBrainz and then import that date. But after discovering the discodos app a few weeks ago and working with the database having clicked last week, I was able to finish it up after discovering a key feature: the LIKE operator in SQL and SQLAlchemy.

today = pendulum.today(tz="America/Chicago")
print("Today: ", today, today.month, today.day)

if today.month < 10:
    search = "0" + str(today.month) + "-" + str(today.day)
    search = str(today.month) + "-" + str(today.day)

async with db_session.create_async_session() as session:
    query = (
        .filter(Album.mb_release_date.like(“%” + search))

    results = await session.execute(query)
    query_results = results.scalars()

The Pendulum library comes to the rescue again as it is still my favorite way to work with datetime objects.

This returns a list of rows from the database where the results are today’s date, not including the year.  (There is one bug related to 6/18 I can’t track down where it displays a different result - but not both - when an order_by is added to the query).

I’m pretty happy with how everything has turned out.  I’ll probably do a couple more blog posts about the project, including reviewing the project goals.

It feels weird to be done.  Not necessarily elation, not relief, just weird.