Finishing Setup (with Dependabot and Pytest reporting) and Project Goals - Part 3

Part 1: Setting up Azure Pipelines with SSH keys Part 2: Setting up Azure Pipelines (or watching it work on Python 3.6 and fail on Python 3.7) Using Dependabot to manage Python dependencies All I want is to start coding. I want to learn how to write a Pyramid app the correct way and also to start learning pytest. There’s just one more thing to do and one to tweak in Azure and then it’s time for the fun part - the actual learning and coding.

Setting up Azure Pipelines - Part 2

In Part 1, I covered the challenges I had in setting up my SSH key with Azure Pipelines to work with my existing Github repository, which contains a new Pyramid project without any customization (yet). Now that Azure Pipelines could build my project, I spent the last week after that trying to figure out why builds would fail on Azure with Python 3.7, not with Python 3.6 or on my local development machine.