Earlier this year when I finished cataloging all my records in Discogs, I then put each one into a “folder”, a way for Discogs to separate different kinds of records. It’s setup by the user, so I created a folder for each type of music I have, and the number is the ID that Discogs assigned to each one:

all_folder = 0
lp_folder = 2162484
twelve_inch_folder = 2198941
ten_inch_folder = 2162486
seven_inch_folder = 2162483
cd_folder = 2162488
tape_folder = 2162487
digital_folder = 2198943

CD, Digital and Tape don’t currently have any items in them, but I hope to at least catalog my CD collection some day, but that’s a different story.

In the music controller, the method to get an album’s information looks like this:

@view_config(route_name="play", renderer="silversaucer:templates/play/play.pt")
def play(_):

    album_release_id = RandomRecordService.get_folder_count(2162484)
    release_data = RandomRecordService.get_album_data(album_release_id)
    return {"release_info": release_data}

Here I’ve hard coded the folder ID (2162484) from Discogs in the method as I only want to use the folder that has only full albums (no singles, 45s, etc.).

Now it’s time to wire up the code to play a single from one of three folders:

  • 7” or 45
  • 10” EPs
  • 12” singles / remixes

It looks similar to the method above, but I’ve added a random method to pick one of the three folders for me and pass the folder ID to the play service that I’ve already written for full albums:

def play_single(_):

    random_folder = randint(0, 2)
    if random_folder == 0:
        single = 2162483
    elif random_folder == 1:
        single = 2162486
        single = 2198941

    album_release_id = RandomRecordService.get_folder_count(single)
    release_data = RandomRecordService.get_album_data(album_release_id)

    return {"release_info": release_data}

This is where I appear to have outsmarted myself. I thought I had blogged about this, but apparently not. At one point I had refactored the first play method above - I had added the play service to accept the folder ID and pass that. I was pretty proud of myself because after the refactoring, I figured this would work for exactly what I’m trying to do now - pass the folder ID of other folders. But no, it wasn’t meant to be as it errors out:

  File "/Users/prcutler/workspace/silversaucer/silversaucer/controllers/music_controller.py", line 35, in play_single
    release_data = RandomRecordService.get_album_data(album_release_id)
  File "/Users/prcutler/workspace/silversaucer/silversaucer/services/play_service.py", line 178, in get_album_data
    discogs_main_id = release_json["master_id"]
KeyError: 'master_id'

There is no master_id returned because singles don’t have a master release! Only full albums have a master release to track all the regional releases and special pressings.

I need to think through this and decide if I’m going to write a new method in play_service to handle getting back the release information for the single or if I should write an if statement to account for the Key Error and return a different dictionary without the master_id.

I was so proud of myself for doing something I thought was Pythonic, too!