Hall & Oates play a sold out show tonight in Minneapolis at the State Theater.   I fondly remember growing up listening to my father’s lite rock station as their hits were played.  With six #1 songs, it’s good to see Hall & Oates music celebrated for the pop genius that it is.  No one is going to pretend that their songs will change the world, but they are catchy and stay with you long after you hear them – which is exactly what a good pop song should do.  Hall & Oates have never pretended to be anything other than what they are.

One of my favorite album’s this year was The Bird and the Bee’s Interpreting the Masters Volume 1: A Tribute to Daryl Hall and John Oates.  Covering 9 of their hits and clocking in at over just 30 minutes, they do a note for note rendition of Hall and Oates’ greatest hits. Inara George’s ethereal voice does a wonderful job adding nuance and depth to these timeless pop hits.

I originally bought the album earlier this year on a whim when it was featured for less than $5 as an Amazon deal of the day.  I own The Bird and the Bee’s earlier albums and you may know their hit Diamond Dave about David Lee Roth, which has received airplay on The Current and other indie rock stations.  For $5 and a return to my youth, I couldn’t go wrong.  It quickly became one of my favorite albums of the year – when I need something poppy or to get me going it made great background music.

Two weeks ago on Black Friday and Record Store Day, I came across a vinyl copy (pictured above) on sale at the Exclusive Company.  For $12, how could I say no?  And now I’ve bought two copies of a cover album and continue to enjoy it.

With the show tonight, Hall and Oates are receiving some good press in the Twin Cities.  The Star Tribune’s entertainment section, Vita.MN, takes a look at what continues to make Hall and Oates relevant.  The City Pages looks at eight awesome moments we have Hall and Oates to thank for.