This week in music – January 4th – 11th 2011

I had an interesting week in music this last week. I started the week taking advantage of Amazon’s $5.00 MP3 albums and picked up two celebrated releases from Minneapolis bands: Gayngs – Relayted: This new Minneapolis 23 member supergroup, featuring members of Bon Iver, Solid Gold and rapper P.O.S, creates a unique sound that is guaranteed to mellow you out. Perfect msuic to play in the background while cooking or reading, Gayngs will relax and soothe you.

2010 Music Sales

” alt=”Record Store Day 2009″ width=”500″ height=”335″ /> Photo licensed under a CC BY-SA-2.0 license by freeloosedirt via Flickr. Picture taken outside Buffalo Records in Ventura. Get ready to listen to the same annual cry from the music industry – “The sky is falling!” NPR’s music blog, The Record, has the details . For the first time, all music sales, when adding CD, LP, cassette and digital – declined as a total.

Best of Bootie 2010

Thanks to Glee, mainstream America was introduced to the term mashup in 2010. But to some of us, we’ve been listening to mashups for years. Bootie, started in 2003 by DJs Adrian and Mysterious D , hosts monthly dance parties featuring mashups. Starting in 2005, they started publishing the year’s best mashups on their website. I’m not into pop music and Bootie is what introduces me to what’s been popular in the past year.

Heard it on the Radio

Hall & Oates play a sold out show tonight in Minneapolis at the State Theater . I fondly remember growing up listening to my father’s lite rock station as their hits were played. With six #1 songs, it’s good to see Hall & Oates music celebrated for the pop genius that it is. No one is going to pretend that their songs will change the world, but they are catchy and stay with you long after you hear them – which is exactly what a good pop song should do.


(Photo by Barry Yanowitz under a CC-NC-BY 2.0 license ) Somehow I went through the 90s oblivious to Superchunk . I’m sure they were played on Rev105 back in the day, but for some reason I just don’t remember them. I’m now making up for lost time. Amazon MP3 has had a number of specials on Superchunk since their September release of their latest album, Majesty Strategy, their first release in 9 years.

How much should an album cost?

Fast Company has coverage of The City music conference , where Rob Dickens, the former head of Warner Music in the UK argues that the success of the MP3 single necessitates radically slashing album prices. Dickens’ theory is albums should cost about $1.50 to increase impulse purchases and combat piracy. Interestingly, he predicts that major albums could go on to sell 200 million albums – or double what Michael Jackson’s Thriller sold.

Vinyl (R)Evolution Music of the Week: June 29th

It’s hard to top the purchases I made last week, which included a used copy of Prince’s Purple Rain and the new albums by The Black Keys and Broken Bells, but this week saw a couple of good albums released. I received of Montreal’s 12″ single The Past is a Grotesque Animal, which may be the most beautiful album I’ve ever purchased. ( More on it here ). This was the only vinyl purchase of the week and I bought two digital albums.

Vinyl (R)Evolution

Note: This is reposted from my main blog and seems fitting to kick off my Vinyl Music blog with. When I was 17 or18 years old, I wanted to be a DJ with a friend of mine. I grabbed all of my parents vinyl records, trucked them over to my friend’s house and then… we didn’t do anything. He and I eventually had a falling out and a couple years later when I inquired about getting the records back, I was dismayed to learn that his basement had flooded and they were trashed.