GNOME Marketing Hackfest Day 1

Ten brave souls have gathered in windy Zaragoza, Spain for a GNOME Marketing Hackfest to work on a marketing plan and materials for the upcoming GNOME 3.0 launch.


Day one is already done and we’re well on our way into day two and we’re getting a lot of stuff done.

Sumana has done a great job at summarizing our first day and she’s jumped in and volunteered to act as our project manager.  She’s making sure we’re staying on topic and focused.  (Thanks Sumana!)

We’re working on a GNOME 3 website where we can host some cool videos showing the features and benefits of GNOME 3 as well as making it easy to represent GNOME at events.  We’re working on presentations and templates you could use to give a talk about GNOME, materials to host a booth at a conference such as SCALE or Ohio Linux Fest and more.

Even Vincent is surprised how much we are getting done:


We have two more days of work ahead of us and Friday we will be meeting and giving talks with a number of local government and business community members about free software in the community, business and education. (More photos here too , will be updated throughout the week).

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