Marketing Hackfest – Participating and Interacting in Communities

A handful of us are waiting in the hotel lobby to catch a cab to the train station as the Marketing Hackfest has come to an end. Andreas has inspired me to stop procrastinating and write another blog post (hopefully it’s not the last one about the hackfest!) Our trip here was sponsored and organized by multiple groups including ASOLIF, Technological Institute of Aragón, CESLA, the city of Zaragosa and the regional government Aragón.

GNOME Marketing Hackfest Day 1

Ten brave souls have gathered in windy Zaragoza, Spain for a GNOME Marketing Hackfest to work on a marketing plan and materials for the upcoming GNOME 3.0 launch. Day one is already done and we’re well on our way into day two and we’re getting a lot of stuff done. Sumana has done a great job at summarizing our first day and she’s jumped in and volunteered to act as our project manager.

GNOME Developers – We need your help!

The Marketing Hackfest kicked off a few hours ago and we need your help. As we build the marketing plan for the GNOME 3.0 release one of the focus areas we want to talk to users about is GNOME apps. Do you work on a GNOME application and have some cool features planned? Updated user interface? Something cool to tell GNOME users that you’d like to see included in the the GNOME 3.

Upcoming GNOME Marketing Hackfest

Stormy was kind enough to announce our next Marketing hackfest this week while I was out sick. (I’m such a slacker, always have an excuse!) This hackfest is all about GNOME 3.0 marketing planning, preparation and execution. GNOME 3.0 coming this fall is a huge milestone for GNOME and our role as a marketing team is to have marketing and promotion materials ready to introduce our users to what GNOME 3.