GNOME Updates

Lots of stuff going on in the world of GNOME for me!

Attended a few meetings last week with GNOME related projects.

This past Sunday, April 19th, the Documentation team met for the first time in a while. Shaun gave an update on the status of Mallard, the new markup language for GNOME Docs; a possible change to how we license docs; an introduction to Pulse and some brainstorming on new ways to bring guides to users.

On Tuesday, the Tomboy team met to discuss the road to a 1.0 release. More exciting though is the news on the work being done around syncing for Tomboy, including a potential online syncing service for users. As someone who’s lazy, and not that technical, but owns multiple computers that use Tomboy, I’m very excited about the potential a syncing service has. (And if you want to help update the Tomboy end user website , please let me know!)

Related to the Documentation news though, I’m happy to announce I’ll be attending the first ever Open Source Documentation conference, Writing Open Source , in June in Owen Sound, Canada. The GNOME Foundation is graciously covering my lodging, and three other GNOME Documentation team members, including Shaun, will be there. In addition to the tracks on Friday, there is an unconference on Saturday, and we will be having a documentation hackfest on Sunday. The hackfest might also be the first public unveiling of Mallard as we start working on all new documentation for GNOME 3.0.

I booked my flight and paid for the conference this weekend, now comes the hard part – the waiting until June.

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