I’ve kicked off a conversation on the Foresight development mailing list today to talk about Quality Assurance.

At a high level, the question is what is the processes we need to put in place for testing to provide user’s with the best, most stable Linux OS?

Our focus continues to remain on the user experience. That phrase can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people, but at the core, it remains about being a desktop experience that “just works”. Users shouldn’t have to worry about updates breaking their system – ever.

The key to that is the beauty of Conary, and it’s ability to manage updates and dependencies for our users. Conary also lets us differentiate Foresight through rolling releases – we can update packages on the fly so users don’t have to wait on a 6 month release cycle. But that also means we have to have the ability to test Foresight, including new packages and the underlying infrastructure, before those updates are pushed to our users.

Do you have thoughts on how it should work? Want to get involved and help define that process or be a part of the QA team? Join the development mailing list and contribute to the discussion. Or join the QA team and test the latest and greatest version of Foresight.

More to come on how the QA process will work!