Dear Lazyweb: Bluetooth Adapters on Linux

Dear Lazyweb: I’m looking for a USB Bluetooth adapter that is Linux friendly.

I have two headsets with boom mics I’ve used on my desktop – one is a cheap off-brand, and one is a very nice Plantronics. I have been working on a podcast off and on for the last couple of months using Jokosher , more as a test to learn Jokosher so I can add audio to screencasts and help show users how to use Foresight.

Unfortunately, the sound quality on the boom mics is lacking – the cheap off brand sounds tinny, and the Plantronics makes it sound like the mic is 10 feet away from my voice, and doesn’t really move on the headset so I can position it better.

However, I just received a Jawbone bluetooth headset for my cellphone. The Jawbone’s claim to fame is that they made it for DARPA, and it blocks all ambient noise so you only hear the user’s voice. My hope is that it might work well for voice recording on Linux. But I’m not sure how compatible the different USB Bluetooth adapters are for pairing a device like a headset, and I don’t even know if Jokosher or other applications will see the headset as a microphone for voice recording.

If anyone has any thoughts, please leave a comment here, or drop me a line at pcutler _at_ foresightlinux dot org.


Paul Cutler
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