Ten Years of Giving to the EFF

This year marks ten years of charitable giving for me to the Electronic Frontier Foundation . The EFF is by far my favorite charity that we give to each year and I can’t stress enough how important the work they do is. A number of years ago my wife framed my letters and stickers I’ve received from my favorite non-profit organizations (pictured above) including the EFF , Creative Commons and Minnesota Public Radio .

Sign The Declaration Of Internet Freedom

Sign The Declaration of Internet Freedom here .

Thank You EFF

For the last 8 years I’ve donated to the Electronic Frontier Foundation , one of my favorite non-profit organizations. The EFF continues to fight to protect our freedoms in the digital world – and for that I’m grateful.

Stop the Spying

A big thank you to the EFF and Sen. Chris Dodd for helping to kill the Telecom Immunity bill yesterday in the Senate. The EFF has been at the forefront of this issue from day one, and Sen. Dodd’s leadership and bravery in taking a stand yesterday threatening to filibuster this bill until it died caused Sen. Reid to pull it at this point in time. Boing Boing’s Cory Doctorow sums it up well:

Congratulations EFF

Congrats to the EFF on their new website overhaul , now using Drupal .

Reno vs. ACLU

Today is the 10th anniversary of the landmark Reno vs. ACLU decision, which set the course for free speech on the internet. From the EFF : Tuesday marks the ten year anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark decision in Reno v. ACLU, which recognized that free speech on the Internet merits the highest standards of Constitutional protection. EFF participated as both plaintiff and co-counsel in the case, which successfully challenged the online censorship provisions of the Communications Decency Act (CDA) of 1996.

The iPhone Moral Quandary

Gizmodo covers what’s been on my mind since it was announced Apple’s iPhone partner was AT&T: the moral quandary of doing business with AT&T .: So what we have is a company that doesn’t have privacy at the top of its priority list, not to mention the anti-trust laws of this country. It’s setting terrible precedents left and right , and its vast power that comes from its huge size makes it all the more unlikely to change for the better.

Dear Lazyweb: Bluetooth Adapters on Linux

Dear Lazyweb: I’m looking for a USB Bluetooth adapter that is Linux friendly. I have two headsets with boom mics I’ve used on my desktop – one is a cheap off-brand, and one is a very nice Plantronics. I have been working on a podcast off and on for the last couple of months using Jokosher , more as a test to learn Jokosher so I can add audio to screencasts and help show users how to use Foresight.

Digg Melts Down (and DRM continues to break)

In what surely will be the most talked about story of the week (just above Dell shipping Ubuntu on PCs), Digg melted down last night. I watched it in real time last night as more and more users added stories displaying the banned HD-DVD encryption key. It’s amazing how one 16 digital hexadecimal string of numbers (and a little bit of censorship) can wake up a community. The blog at Franticindustries has the best recap of the story I’ve seen yet.

Stop the RIAA – Join the Petition

The EFF has started a petition to send to Congress regarding the RIAA’s tactics in stopping music piracy. From the petition: We respect reasonable copyright law, but we strongly oppose copyright enforcement that comes at the expense of privacy, due process and fair application of the law. We urge you, as our representatives in Congress, to stop this madness. As of this morning, the petition is at 80,758 signatures – with 100,000 signatures the EFF can send this to the Senate and House Commerce and Judiciary Commitees.