If you’re an NFL fan, Len Pasquarelli of ESPN.com has a must read article on what they’re calling today: Bloody Thursday. His follow-up article on what will go down to today is just as good.

With the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the Player’s Union and Owners set to expire tomorrow, teams must get under the salary cap – a cap number they still don’t know. Free Agency starts tomorrow, and 2007 will be an uncapped year, so teams will be reluctant to sign anyone, especially as they can only pro-rate contracts over 4 years instead of the typical 7, which drives a player’s salary cap number through the roof.

Will an 11th hour deal arrive and save the league? Are we a year away from no college draft? Will the owners lock the players out after next season?

In the next 36 hours, watch the drama unfold!