If Only I Could

If only I could buy season tickets and follow the process, including the step my wife added for me. Some day.

Congratulations Wisconsin Men’s Basketball

Congratulations to the University of Wisconsin’s Men’s Basketball team on their victory over Arizona to win the West Regional bracket and advance to the Final Four. Tom Oates of the Wisconsin State Journal has an excellent article on what this means for Coach Bo Ryan. The game was a nail biter, with the last 18 minutes of regulation being a one possession game before finally going into overtime and the Badgers pulling out a huge win.

It’s Gameday!

As a huge (American) football fan, it amuses me to no end how my children get into the excitement of game day. They know how much I love my football teams and want to know who the Packers (or Badgers) are playing each week, which other teams I want to win in the other games, and share my enthusiasm for the game. Jack’s knowledge of the players and the opposing teams is almost scary considering he is only 4 years old.

I have seen the future of TV

…and it is the ESPN app on the new Xbox 360 update that was released today . I’ve been in the beta for the new Xbox 360 dashboard for the last month or so, and with its release today, the embargo on blogging about it has been lifted. Since I cut the cord and got rid of cable TV last February , the one thing that has been missing is sports.

What a weekend of football

What a weekend! First, the Packers take apart the Seahawks after a costly start, with a game to remember on the Frozen Tundra with the snow blowing. And then the Cowboys, the #1 seed, lose to the Giants at Texas stadium. It’s somehow fitting that 10 years after the Packers won the Super Bowl after hosting the NFC Championship game, that they host another one. Cross your fingers my playoff tickets come through!

Packers vs. Bears (10/7/07)

I was at Lambeau Field this past Sunday to watch the Packers eventually beat themselves and lose to the Bears on national TV. Having grown up in Wisconsin, and now living in Minnesota, the residents of Minnesota think they have a rivalry with the Bears, but any true Packer fan will tell you the only rivalry we have is with the Bears. It was my first Bears game, and the normally nice crowd was just mean when it came to the Bears.

Are you ready for some football?

My favorite time of the year is quickly approaching, as we are just over a month away from the start of the college football season, and the NFL is now in full swing with training camps. I’ve started to watch a few baseball games this year (especially when the Twins are on in HD), but nothing compares to football for me. I was surprised to see last night that the newly formed Big Ten Network that launches Aug.

Twins Game

For my first day of vacation, I took Alex and Zoe to the Twins game at the Metrodome. It was Alex’s first Twins game, and Zoe’s first baseball game as we watched the Twins take on the Blue Jays. We had the use of a suite, just to the left behind home plate, with a gorgeous view of the field: Zoe and Alex seemed to have fun, Zoe enjoyed being able to run around the suite, and both kids enjoyed all the foods and snacks.

Welcome to Bloody Thursday

If you’re an NFL fan, Len Pasquarelli of has a must read article on what they’re calling today: Bloody Thursday . His follow-up article on what will go down to today is just as good. With the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the Player’s Union and Owners set to expire tomorrow, teams must get under the salary cap – a cap number they still don’t know. Free Agency starts tomorrow, and 2007 will be an uncapped year, so teams will be reluctant to sign anyone, especially as they can only pro-rate contracts over 4 years instead of the typical 7, which drives a player’s salary cap number through the roof.

Playoff thoughts

I’m not sure why, but I was happy to see the Steelers win this afternoon. The Colts have a coach who is well respected, with a rep he can’t win the big one, but who is supposed to be one of the nicest coaches you’ll ever meet. They have one of the best, if not the best, quarterback in the league. And yet I was rooting against them. There’s something about Bill Cowher that makes me cheer for the man.