GNOME Docs Hackfest (Part I)

(A duck at Inglis Falls, in Owen Sound, Ontario, home of woscon09. If only it had been a mallard…) Milo Casagrande, who attended woscon09 with the GNOME Docs team last week, has written an introduction to Mallard . Milo and Phil spent Sunday’s hackfest creating the first Mallard document for use as a help file within an application. We chose Empathy, for a few different reasons, including: it will be in GNOME in 2.

Docs Team & Community

_(The Ginger Press Cafe where the work, talk and laughter happened at woscon09) _ One of the most important take-aways for me personally from woscon09 were the talks on community. This included Addy’s keynote Friday on herding cats, the challenges that spanned all of our groups, discussion around upstream to downstream and back again, and encouraging new volunteers. With that in mind, we’re making some changes to the Docs team to improve our community involvement.

Writing Open Source

(Inglis Falls, just outside of Owen Sound, Ontario) My head is still spinning after 3 days at woscon09. I learned so much and met so many great people. Over the coming days and weeks I’ll be blogging more about it. Some key things I left with (in no particular order): Know your audience. (True in marketing, and also true in doc writing). Develop personas for your audience. Plan, plan, plan Tons of community management stuff, such as make it easy to get involved, and have tasks ready that are simple (think stuffing envelopes) Speaking of community, we all have similar challenges, no matter the project Mallard exists!

Writing Open Source Day 2

We’re just over halfway done with day 2 of the Writing Open Source conference, and today is an “unconference” day in the style of BarCamp. Conference attendees are giving talks today inspired by conversations from yesterday, other ideas attendees had, and more. GNOME’s own fearless documentation leader, Shaun McCance , kicked off day two this morning giving an overview of Project Mallard. (Please note that the picture on the projector is a wood duck, and not a Mallard.

Writing Open Source

The first ever (that we know of) conference for documentation writers in open source conference started today in Owen Sound, Ontario (about 2 hours from Toronto). The Writing Open Source conference is being hosted by Emma Jane Hogbin, and a few of us from GNOME are here: (Left to Right: Shaun McCance, Milo Cassagrande, Phil Bull and myself). We’re halfway through the first day, which is keynotes, and the conference is awesome.