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_(The Ginger Press Cafe where the work, talk and laughter happened at woscon09)


One of the most important take-aways for me personally from woscon09 were the talks on community. This included Addy’s keynote Friday on herding cats, the challenges that spanned all of our groups, discussion around upstream to downstream and back again, and encouraging new volunteers.

With that in mind, we’re making some changes to the Docs team to improve our community involvement.

Last night, Shaun sent an email to the list detailing some of the changes , including:

  • Community Management
  • Editorial assistance
  • Reviews
  • Upstreaming downstream

And, of course, we are all responsible for writing.

With that said, I’ve spent some time over the last day or two re-organizing our wiki, and have put together a stub of a page around Community.

We will be having our first Q&A session this week, starting tomorrow night at 9 p.m. CST (2:00 a.m. UTC). We are committed to having these meetings, and moving the day and times around to get as much representation worldwide as we can.

The theme of tomorrow’s meeting is a recap of what we learned at woscon09. However, please bring any questions. Want to know how to get involved? What to write? How to use bugzilla? This is an open session, and more than anything, it’s to let folks know that we will be in IRC at a given time to answer any question (within reason). Stop by #docs on GIMPnet IRC tomorrow night!

We’ve also started a Docs Team blog where we will be posting meeting announcements, recaps, and other important information that we wish to share with the community.

Have you ever wanted to help out? Feel you can write technical documentation? Have above average grammar and spelling and want to edit? Translate our docs? Now is the time to get involved. We have lots of exciting things planned for this year, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

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