Future Arcade Planning

Kelly and I talked about the arcade today. She told me something I had already thought to myself - that this probably won’t be the last arcade I build. I’m going to make mistakes and want to do it again. This came up in the context of doing the router work for the t-molding. She recommended I don’t do the t-molding on the first build as I’m going to make mistakes and will probably want to do it again.

More Control Panel Prototype Failures

Kelly needed to replace the blade in the saw and she cut me a new piece of wood to use as a prototype for the control panel. (At some point, I’m going to need to learn to use the saws!) After carefully paying attention to using the right size drill bit, my board looks like this: Kelly then took a turn at doing it herself, and hers ended up the same way, so I don’t feel too bad.

Control Panel Prototypes

If I don’t improve my attention to detail, I’m going to waste a lot of time and money. Case in point: just trying to build a prototype for the control panel so I can figure out how to use the Ipac controller and arcade buttons. The first prototype I built 18 months ago I built upside down. I tried to fix it, but it was just uncomfortable to use. The second control panel I drilled the holes the wrong size.