Kelly and I talked about the arcade today. She told me something I had already thought to myself - that this probably won’t be the last arcade I build. I’m going to make mistakes and want to do it again. This came up in the context of doing the router work for the t-molding. She recommended I don’t do the t-molding on the first build as I’m going to make mistakes and will probably want to do it again.

She’s right. I’ve seen similar comments from people who have built their own arcade cabinets on Reddit. I have zero - ZERO - woodworking skills, so it will probably be an ugly mess to start. But I’m torn. I know that I can’t let perfect be the enemy of good and if it is for practice, I should practice everything, including using a router. So I don’t know.

I’m going to practice with some cuts this weekend and hopefully cut the sides next week when the weather gets warmer.