Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman introduces his first game, Wayward Manor

For the last few weeks, Neil Gaiman has tweeted links to a cryptic new website that asked you to RSVP (via email) to a website, Who Haunts Neil . Yesterday, if you had sent an RSVP, you received an email with an update to this very mysterious site, with Mr. Gaiman hosting a video introducing his latest project: Wayward Manor. Neil, in partnership with game studio The Odd Gentlemen, is launching his first game.

Going to see Wits

This Friday, my son and I are going to the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul to see the season finale of Minnesota Public Radio’s Wits series . Each performance features an interview with a cultural icon, a musical guest and other guests. I purchased tickets for this one specifically because of the featured guest: Neil Gaiman . Mr. Gaiman is touring in support of the tenth anniversary of his first novel, the class American Gods.