Neil Gaiman introduces his first game, Wayward Manor

For the last few weeks, Neil Gaiman has tweeted links to a cryptic new website that asked you to RSVP (via email) to a website, Who Haunts Neil . Yesterday, if you had sent an RSVP, you received an email with an update to this very mysterious site, with Mr. Gaiman hosting a video introducing his latest project: Wayward Manor.

Neil, in partnership with game studio The Odd Gentlemen, is launching his first game. Wayward Manor will be a puzzle / adventure hybrid and is doing a Kickstarter-like funding campaign, where you can pre-order the game at a number of different payment tiers with different rewards. It will be released first on PC & Mac, and a tablet version is planned.

If you know anything of Neil Gaiman, he has a love and personal passion in the macabre – a word he even uses to describe the game. He’s previously talked about how he loves Charles Addams and this seems to fit right in to that kind of genre.

I had the opportunity to see Neil a few weeks ago in Bloomington, MN on his book tour for The Ocean at the End of the Lane and he remains one of my favorite authors. I’m excited to see his first foray into video games.

Watch the video below hosted by Neil and his adorable English accent introducing Wayward Manor.


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