GNOME Annual Report


Just wanted to say thanks for a couple things: Thank you to everyone in the GNOME community who helped crowdsource editing of the 2009 Annual Report . I received a lot of comments about lots of little things we missed and I uploaded a new version of the report a week or two ago that hopefully fixes everything. (And thank you for the kind words on the look – Daniel deserves all the credit!

2009 GNOME Annual Report is out!

From the better late than never department, the 2009 GNOME Foundation Annual Report has been released . When Lucas first asked me to help with the annual report a year and a half ago at GUADEC in Gran Canaria, one of the goals was to try and help it come out sooner. Apparently, I had the opposite effect. I have lots of excuses, but none of them good. (Though someone did point out to me that Mozilla just released their 2009 report a few weeks ago, so I felt a bit better.