From the better late than never department, the 2009 GNOME Foundation Annual Report has been released.

When Lucas first asked me to help with the annual report a year and a half ago at GUADEC in Gran Canaria, one of the goals was to try and help it come out sooner. Apparently, I had the opposite effect. I have lots of excuses, but none of them good. (Though someone did point out to me that Mozilla just released their 2009 report a few weeks ago, so I felt a bit better. But not a whole lot, I hate being tardy, believe it or not).

The Annual Report wouldn’t have happened without Daniel Galleguillos C. who did all of the design and layout work and put up with my constant change requests. (Thanks to those who have already found a couple small typos – please email me with any more you find and I’ll work to get an updated copy out this weekend).

Thanks to all of our writers, including Jason Clinton, Pockey Lam, Stormy Peters and Diego Escalante Urrelo – and everyone who contributed to a quarterly report. I’d also like to thank everyone who helped with photos or re-licensed their photos so we were able to use them including Cody Russell, Chris Lord, Michael Dominic K., and Lucas Rocha. Lastly, thanks to everyone who helped edit and everyone I’m forgetting (because I know I am – especially on the photos!)

Work is already beginning on the 2010 report. It will be out sooner (I promise) and I’m also going to change it so it coincides with GNOME’s fiscal year rather than calendar year, so it may be a slightly smaller as there will be some overlap. If you want to help out, let me know!