Marketing the Marketing Team

I’m a bit behind in my blogging. After getting home from GCDS, and spending the weekend with the family, and then catching up on work after a week of vacation, I’m way overdue to blog. The GNOME Marketing BoF was the last session on Thursday at GCDS, and the last I attended before heading home Friday. Even with the room hot and sticky, everyone was engaged, and had lots of great ideas and feedback to share.

Gran Canaria Part II

I continue to have a great time here at the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit. I keep putting off blogging as I’m just overwhelmed with everything going through my head, and trying to make a succinct blog post has been a challenge. One of the best parts, especially as it’s my first GUADEC, is how welcoming everyone is. I think I’ve had lunch or dinner with a different group of people every meal.