After a year and a half break from working on the arcade cabinet, it’s time to start again. I’ve started keeping a journal of my progress and I figured I might as well blog about it as well. I’ll use this to keep track of my progress, what I’ve learned, and post some photos, too.

I’ve never done any woodworking - or really used power tools before - so I have a lot to learn.

Some random things I’ve done today:

  • Circular saw - added videos to a new “Woodworking” Youtube playlist I created

  • Subscribed to The Geek Pub - for $15 / year, I get access to all the plans they sell commercially as well as some additional videos. Plans also include the SketchUp files, an online CAD-like program.

    • 4 different arcade plans for sale (or included in their subscription)
    • I liked the 2 player standup - it seems easier that Koenigs in trying to change the size
  • Reviewed plans again from Koenigs

    • Metric only - conversion to Imperial doesn’t seem exact enough
    • Going to be difficult to build in Imperial
    • These were the plans I wanted to use for the longest time, but going to go with The Geek Pub
  • Watched 2 circular saw videos

  • The end of January may not be the best time for woodworking in the garage in Minnesota…

  • Watched Mavericks Arcade videos on Youtube - LEDBlinky (which is Windows only) has been updated. LEDBlinky looks really cool to control the LED lights in the buttons

  • Finally swapped the control panel prototypes

    • I drilled the holes in the new panel one size too small
    • Not sure if I have right 1 1/4” drill bit?
    • Kelly cut a new piece of wood for me
    • Will the third time be the charm in making the control panel prototype?