Humble Bundle has done it again. They’ve released an awesome bundle of Python trainings, books and tools all for a low price and also supports charity!

Included in the bundle are three trainings from Talk Python (which I’ve already raved about a lot). I’ve been an ardent supporter of Talk Python trainings and have recommended them numerous times on the Python subreddits, and usually get comments that they’re so expensive (when compared to Udemy’s “sale prices” of $13). But they’re worth every penny and now people have a chance to get three of them for just $20.

But wait, there’s more! Fluent Python, which I have not read, but is almost always one of the most highly recommended books for intermediate Python programmers and up is also included. Dan Bader’s Python Tricks book, Matt Harrison’s Illustrated Guide to Python 3 and Thoughtful Machine Learning by Matthew Kirk are also included. I’m personally excited to get Matt Harrison’s book - Talk Python launched a new training this week and if you buy it within the first week that book is included. I’m going to buy the Talk Python Everything Bundle in a month, so I would have missed out on the promo to get the book, but now I get it anyway!

You also can get a number of software tools. A 1 year subscription of Postman Pro is included - I’ve used the free version since Talk Python introduced it to me. It’s been fantastic for learning the MySportsFeeds API and looking through rows and rows of JSON. I’m curious to see what the Pro version brings. GitKracken looks interesting, but PyUp is one I really want to try out.

Last, but not least, is a 6 month subscription to, featuring video tutorials to learn JavaScript. I wanted to get better at Python before learning JavaScript, but this makes starting to learn it a no-brainer.

Even though I have two of the three Talk Python trainings in the bundle, a PyCharm Pro license and am an existing DigitalOcean customer, it’s still an unbelievable deal. Go get it now! (Not an affiliate link).