A constant staple of this blog’s life over the last 10-plus years have been the constant breaks and then the “I haven’t blogged in forever!” blog posts. And here we are again.

After starting my journey to learn to program, I went a couple of months and then we sold the house and moved. That really did occupy a large chunk of time, but then all the usual excuses set in. I’ve been telling myself the last couple of months I would start and never do.  Now we are just six weeks away from the football season and if I don’t learn Python, I can never build the application I want to automate the scoring of my football pool.

Nothing like the NFL season starting to get you motivated. I’ve re-enrolled in Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python) at Coursera and have decided to use Python 3.x over Python 2.x. I’m also going to work my way through Think Python (2nd Edition) by Allen B. Downey, which also focuses on Python 3. I have a few ideas for what I’ll do next, but I need to do it one step at a time.

I’ve also been doing more research on how I’m going to pull the NFL stats in, but more on that later. I’m just happy to be motivated again!