Time for Macaroni & Cheese

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Fall is here in Minnesota and the mornings are crisp and the leaves have turned. Living here in the winter may be awful, but I can see why fall is my wife’s favorite time of year.

After taking our black lab for a 3 mile walk this morning, it was time to warm up with one of my favorite comfort foods. Using a recipe from Hilah Cooking , it was time to make my first batch of macaroni and cheese of the year. This recipe will definitely warm you up – it calls for 4 jalapeños or a can of green chili peppers, giving some kick to the macaroni and cheese. This was perfect as I had 5 jalapeño peppers left from the last CSA box.

Hilah’s recipe is pretty straight forward – watch the video below for how to make it, and she will teach you how to make the roux and béchamel on your way to the finished product. I was worried that four jalapenos would be too much and it would be way too spicy – but it was just right. It warms you all the way through, both the heat of the peppers and the warmth of the mac and cheese. I did dice all of my peppers and did not leave strips as you’ll see in the video. I like my mac and cheese with a crispy topping, so I added some Panko bread crumbs and baked it for just over 10 minutes. Baking it will reduce how creamy it is, so it’s up to you on the tradeoff.

Macaroni and Cheese

What I love about Hilah’s recipes and cooking channel is the recipes are not complex, great for someone like me who is learning the ins and outs of cooking – but the end result is always tasty. Check out the video below and subscribe to her channel.




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