Tonight marks the end of Fringe’s five year run on Fox. Created by J.J. Abrams, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, who were the early showrunners for Alias, and would the latter two would go on to write Transformers and Star Trek, which Mr. Abrams directed as well. Fringe began as a cross between the X-Files and Alias, featuring a monster of the week story in addition to the overarching story lines about Walter’s past.

I’ve written of my love of all things J.J. Abrams before, and Fringe has a number of parallels with Alias. The show has had a couple of reboots similar to Alias, but where Alias focused solely on Sidney over its 5 year run, Fringe has morphed from being Olivia’s show, to a show about the father / son relationship between Walter and Peter. Like J.J. Abrams biggest show, Lost, before it, Fringe is also at its heart, a show about love.

Since the end of Lost, Fringe has been my favorite show, far and away, on television. I’m sad to see it end tonight, but I have to give kudos to Fox for sticking with it as long as they did amid struggling ratings (but a rabid fan base). Fox has released a two minute trailer for the series finale and it will be fun to watch Fringe wrap up its various storylines, but sad at the same time.