GNOME 2.32 Screenshots needed

The GNOME 2.32 release notes need your help!

If you have a GNOME 2.31.x development environment, I’m looking for 2 or 3 screenshots:

  • GNOME desktop with either Nautilus (and some files and folders cut and ready to be pasted) OR 2.32 desktop with Empathy showing meta-contacts
  • Empathy with meta-contacts
  • Nautilus with some files or folders cut and ready to be pasted

When using the GNOME screenshot tool, you can select the entire desktop or the application with focus. No effects should be applie and you may need to turn Compiz off with some distros (otherwise the window borders aren’t visible).

A couple guidelines:

  • Screenshots must use the Clearlooks theme, a GNOME background / wallper and the default GNOME icons
  • The icon in the GNOME menu on the panel must show the GNOME foot, not a distribution logo
  • Your GNOME panel should be as clean as possible (If using Ubuntu, do not show the messaging menu in the panel)
  • If using openSUSE, your panel needs to be on the top
  • Your screenshots will be licensed under a CC-BY 3.0 license

Sorry for all the rules! You will receive attribution in the release notes. Email them to me at pcutler at gnome dot org. Thanks!

Paul Cutler
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