GNOME Fundraising

Thank you to everyone who has worked, and more importantly, donated to to the GNOME Sysadmin campaign that was launched this week. Special thanks to Vinicius, Lucas, Stormy and everyone who has helped develop the ruler that is displayed on the family of GNOME websites.

It’s been almost a year since J5 blogged about the GNOME Foundation needing help – and since then we saw a lift in donations via Friends of GNOME. Thanks to Jaap Haitsma and the marketing team (I’m sure I’m forgetting somebody) we also launched Friends of GNOME buttons for blogs and Amazon referrals to help raise money for GNOME.

While we’ve seen a slight dip in Friends of GNOME subscriptions in the last couple of months with subscribers who have reached the one year mark, we should all be proud and thankful for the money raised over the last year. We raised more money in 2009 than the last couple of years combined.

We’ll be launching a GNOME store soon to also help raise money (and help you get cool GNOME stuff!) and we have some ideas for 3.0 as well.

The Sysadmin campaign has been a great success and we want to be careful with specific fundraising campaigns going forward. There’s no question that marketing and promoting a fundraising campaign does have an effect based on this success!

Again, I’d like to thank everyone who has helped support GNOME financially. This is important to help fund hackfests around the globe which helps GNOME develop new features, applications and provide a better experience for all of our users. Thank you again.

(And check out Roberto Galoppini’s blog too about the ruler).

Paul Cutler
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