GNOME 2.28 - Made to Share!

GNOME 2.28 came out right on time yesterday! Improvements include Bluetooth support, tons of feature enhancements in Empathy (and all new documentation using Mallard!), and Webkit in Epiphany. But don’t take my word for it – go read the release notes!

Speaking of release notes, it was the first time I’ve helped write them, and and it was pretty cool to see the GNOME community working together from a front row seat. A special thanks to Dannielle for giving me pointers on how to get started, Frederic and Andre for all my questions during the process in the #docs channel, and everyone who helped review them and gave feedback to make them better. It was also pretty neat to see the translators at work – everytime I’d refresh the website to proofread or do a git pull there were more and more translations available. And one last thank you to Bastien and Guillame for providing quotes in the press release, which is the first time we’ve included quotes from developers as far as I know (or at least in recent memory).

I’ve enjoyed reading the various coverage on the web, but I did want to correct one small point that some are reporting – the decision to make GNOME 2.30 into GNOME 3.0 won’t be made until November, so it’s not a safe assumption that 2.28 is the last 2.x release. The release team will consider a number of factors, and it’s possible 2.32 could be 3.0 instead.

Congrats again to all the GNOME developers, contributors, and translators for a job well done.